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ISBN: 9788291640563

Gods of Asgard is a full-length graphic novel interpretation of the Norse myths, drawing on English translations of the original source material: the Prose and Poetic Edda, Heimskringla, Gesta Denorum, and more. It was a lifelong dream of artist/author Erik Evensen, who realized that although Norse mythology figures prominently in comics, a true, straightforward adaptation had never been published in the United States.

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Gods of Asgard is a 160-page, black-and-white, perfect bound graphic novel. It is published by a collaboration between Jetpack Press and Evensen Creative (formerly Studio E3), and in Scandinavia by Saga Bok.

Since its release in 2007, Gods of Asgard has been featured prominently in The Washington Post, on the Norse Mythology Blog, the Ashville Viking Festival, and various independent and mainstream comic conventions, including Minneapolis SpringCon and WizardWorld: Chicago.

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Erik Evensen: author/illustrator

“Erik Evensen... proves that the Internet isn’t totally full of bad people.” —Men In Gorilla Suits

In addition to Gods of Asgard, Erik is the author/illustrator of The Beast of Wolfe's Bay, a modernized take on Beowulf that pits a small group of nerds against a clan of Sasquatch. He is the author of Erik Evensen's Sketchbook Diary, a popular 2003 web comic now available in trade paperback. With J. Bucky Carter, he is the co-author/illustrator of Super-powered Word Study from Maupin House. Additional comics work has appeared in Image Comics' Invincible, Grounded, and Fear Agent, Terminal Press' Zombie Bomb, and Jetpack Press' Johnny Raygun. A lifelong learner, Erik holds multiple degrees in art and design, and works as an art professor. He is married to musician Erika Svanoe. 


«Gods of Asgard is a perfect way to introduce people to these ancient accounts of war, love, avarice, joy and deception.»

The Washington Post

You have a thrill coming your way.”
—Ain't it Cool News

An authentic, earnest retelling of the myths.
Graphic Novel Roundup

«Both literate and entertaining.»

Geeks of Doom

I am thrilled to say, this book ROCKS.
—What'cha Reading?

I enjoyed it a lot. Seriously. A lot. Best comic I've read in quite a while.
Kleefeld on Comics

(«A breezy, fun read with excellent cartooning,) this is one of the indie comics gems of the year.
Randy Lander, Comic Pants

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